Using Decomposed Granite in Landscaping

Just what is decomposed granite?

Decomposed granite is generally like gravel, but finer and generally much more stable. It’s formed from the natural wear and tear and erosion of strong granite, a tough  igneous rock. The DG marketed as landscape material is typically made up of  3/8-inch (or smaller sized) particles; some may be no larger than a grain of sand. Shades differ, from tan to brown, and consist of different shades of gray, black, red, as well.

Although there are at the very least 30 colors and differing levels of fragment dimensions, decomposed granite primarily is available in 3 kinds: all-natural, stabilized, as well as resin-coated:

Decomposed Granite

Decomposed Granite Path around edge of yard.

All-natural DG is made use of as a mulch product and can be spread out around trees as well as garden beds just like timber compost. It will remain to weather after it is implemented as well as offers nutrients to surrounding dirt and plants. It lasts longer than a lot of other mulch products as well and it will not attract parasites.
For a path or patio area, DG with stabilizers (which act as a binder) is the most effective solution. Supported DG is often added on top of another gravel product, tamped down, after that left with a thin loose layer ahead.  DG with resin for driveways has a comparable surface to asphalt, but has an extra natural look as well as is permeable.

Exactly what are the most effective means to make use of decomposed  granite?

While DG is most generally used for paths, driveways, yard trails, and as a xeriscape ground cover, it can also be utilized to produce smooth visual transitions between official garden as well as wilderness. One of its advantages is that it breaks down, so any DG that migrates into the yard or planting beds does not cause problems the way gravel does. Lining a path or outdoor patio with a black metal strip (which will appear hidden if buried deep enough) will maintain the DG in place.

One caveat: Don’t put it too close to a house or building. It does track in and could damage floors. This could be stayed clear of by separating the DG from the house with a few feet of various other surface area materials, plus a door mat to wipe feet and protect the floor covering.

At Nimbus Landscape Materials we carry a golden decomposed granite that’s 5/16” minus screened. Used for setting under flagstone and pathways for dogs and trails. Sold in increments of ¼ yards to full yards.

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